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Remedies for Summer Time Maladies: Natural Care of Sunburn, Mosquito Bites, and Bee Stings

Along with summer comes a host of maladies that can plague humankind. The sun, being closer to our earth can set skin aflame with searing pain. Insects abound attacking and causing stings and bites. Even certain plant life, when touched, can cause itchy, excruciating rashes and blisters.


Practically everyone has experienced the painful blazing heat of sunburn. The skin turns red, it feels hot to the touch and everything aches. In actuality the skin has been cooked by the rays of the sun and the first thing to do is to cool down the affected area. Immersion in a cool bath to which several tablespoons of baking soda have been added will stop the cooking process and cool the skin. If the face is affected, cold compresses should be applied. Diluted apple cider vinegar can be applied to the sunburned area. This should be done as soon as possible. Vinegar is an acidic and will return the pH level of the skin as near to normal as possible.

An old fashioned remedy is to beat an egg until frothy. Gradually add 1 teaspoon Castor Oil while beating. Continue to beat until mixture becomes thick. Apply this to the skin. Wheat germ oil and salt water can also ease the pain of sunburn. After the damage is done, the skin must go through a healing process. Application of Vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera Gel will speed up this process. If blisters appear or heat stroke is apparent it is always best to consult a doctor.

Mosquito Bites

Bee stings and mosquito bites are just a part of summer. Mosquitoes can leave itchy raised bumps on the skin that can become infected if scratched. There are several natural ways to stop this itching and avoid any infection. Immediately after being bit, apply table salt to the bite which has been moistened with a little saliva. Apply a paste of meat tenderizer or a dab of toothpaste to the bite to stop itching. Rosemary or Lavender oil, both of which have antiseptic properties, can be applied and both smell good as well. Witch Hazel will stop the itching of any mosquito bite as will sliced onion and garlic (does not smell good).

Bee Stings

Bee stings are a little more complicated. First, the stinger must be removed or all remedies will be in vain. Crushed mint leaves rubbed on the sting will stop pain. Crushed basil leaves will prevent swelling and pain. Apply the juice from a honeysuckle vine or crushed parsley. Actually, any green leafed herb, flower or grass will do. Once crushed, it will release chlorophyll which is a natural pain killer. A moistened tea bag (not decaffeinated) used as a poultice will help as will a dab of honey. Other things that block pain and swelling are bicarbonate of soda, sliced onion, diluted lavender oil or crushed garlic.

If extreme swelling or difficulty breathing occurs there is an allergy to bee stings. In this case do not waste time with these remedies. Immediately seek medical help. It could be a matter of life or death.

These problems are just a part of summertime and if you do not have abnormal or unusual reactions, they can be just a little aggravations that don’t have to interrupt your summer fun.

List Of Best Lens For Sports Photography

If you’re a sports photographer, your stock lens just won’t do. You need the best lens for sports photography and a Canon prime lens is what you should be saving up for. As a sports photographer, your aim is to capture the action up close from a distance. You need a telephoto lens to do this and Canon has several out in the market. These lenses not only expand your zooming capabilities but also capture pictures in perfect detail (which are otherwise lost in larger views of other lenses).

The thing with these telephoto lenses is that they can be expensive. Another consideration is the bulk that they carry. That’s why you need to know which ones to invest on. Read below on our review of these lenses.

Canon EFS 55-250mm f4/5.6 IS

This is Canon’s affordable telephoto lens but it’s not compatible with full-frame bodies (fits only on cropped bodies). It has an extended maximum coverage of 400mm but, due to its low price, does not have USM focusing but has Image Stabilization. The EFS 55-250mm is still a decent telephoto lens for beginners.

Canon EF 75-300mm f4/5.6 III

Canon EFS 75

The EF 75-300 is Canon’s cheapest telephoto lens. It can fit in both cropped and full-frame bodies too. Its extended maximum coverage is 480mm but doesn’t have Image Stabilization capabilities. Another good lens for beginners.

Canon EF 70-300mm f4/5.6 IS USM

Canon EF 70-300mm

This is the high-end version of the above featured lens. It can also fit in both cropped and full frame bodies and has the same coverage. The only difference (aside from the more expensive price) is the USM focusing and Image stabilization capabilities.

Canon EF 70-200mm f4L IS USM

Canon EF 70-200mm

This lens produces superb quality pictures and is considered one of the more quality lenses from Canon. It does not have the same range as the 70-300mm but it more than makes up for it with the clarity it produces. It actually has a lower aperture (to allow more light) with USM focusing and Image stabilization.

Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM

Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM

This lens can be considered as the upgrade of the lens above. It’s a favorite of professionals because it can provide them with the shots they desire. What sets this lens apart is its constant 2.8 aperture, which is a bigger aperture than the f4 (the lower the number the bigger the aperture). This means it can get clearer shots because the lens can get more light in.

Canon EF 70-300mm f4/5.6L IS USM

Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM

This lens is the shorter version of the EF 70-300 line (albeit fatter and bulkier). It has USM focusing, Image Stabilization, full time manual focusing and great optical quality. The aperture might be smaller but it zooms 50% more.

Canon EF 200mm f2.8L II USM

Canon EF 200mm f2.8L II USM

This lens is more affordable than the 70-200m f2.8 lens because it’s fixed at 200m. If you’re always zooming in then this lens might just be more practical. It has the same specs as the above but cheaper.

Canon EF 300mm f4L IS USM

Canon EF 300mm f4L IS USM

This lens has the same maximum coverage as most telephoto lenses, but aperture allows exposures that are twice as fast. This is a great option for capturing sports shots in mid-range. This lens also has USM focusing and Image Stabilization.

It can really get daunting when choosing the right telephoto lens for you. So read up on the reviews and check out the specs before heading to the store. The best lens for sports photography is the lens that satisfies your need in capturing sporting events.

Penis Stretching: 10 Little Things Men Should Know About The THING

Most, if not all, men who walked the planet has dreamt of making their penis bigger and stronger. There are those who have been gifted by genetics with penises that could rule the world. Who would have thought that a little penis stretching could do the trick?

Here are 10 tips and techniques every man should know.

1.       The Stretch

It means exactly what it says. Hold the penis on its head with one hand and stretch it for about 10 seconds. Do so for other directions.

2.      The Hands Are Made For Dicks

Human hands are the best apparatus there are. Learn how to use them and it will surely do wonders. And an extra pair, or two, will surely do wonders for penis enlargement.

3.      The Yank

No, this technique is not exclusive to New Yorkers. Similar to “The Stretch”, hold the man by the tip, pull it away from the body as far as it goes and press on the base—the area where the penis begins.

penis stretching

4.      Maintain the Gain

Ask any body builder and he’ll tell you maintenance and consistency is his secret. The good news about penis enlargement is it does not actually lose the length it gained. But it may grow limp if these practices are stopped. So keep those routines consistent.

5.      The Backwards Pull

This can only be done with a hard junk so wake up the master sergeant first. When he is at attention, grab the skin just below the head and pull it backwards using the thumbs of both hands while all the other fingers go under the shaft for support. Make sure that the grasp on the sergeant’s neck is not too loose or not too tight.

6.      The Chinese Finger Trap

Okay, it’s impossible to actually insert two fingers on either end of the Dick-tator but this technique is similar to NOT get out of the said trap. Hold the penis by the head with one hand and by the base with the other. Now pull.

7.      Evil Kegel

Size is not everything. This exercise so familiar with women can also be done by men. By doing so, the penis would be able to maintain stronger and harder erections. The technique is quite simple, simply contract the muscles in the penis the same way as stopping urine flow. Do about 20-30 reps a day and work it up to as many as possible.

8.      Jelqing Off

By far, this is the only technique that requires some sort of lubrication. Note: saliva will do. The penis should also be semi erect. Simply lubricate the penis, and massage it by sliding the fingers from the base to the tip. Do this with alternating hands. Do this as long as you want or proceed to jerk off.

9.      The 360 Pendulum

Almost the same as The Stretch, do this by stretching the penis and rotating it clockwise for 30 seconds, then back for another 30 seconds. Go around the world 5 times in each direction daily for penis enlargement.

10.   The Wrecking Ball

Not recommended by most but The Wrecking Ball has been effective in male enhancement. Japanese men have attached different things with their dicks and have been successful. Do this at your own risk. And no, attaching a hanging Miley Cyrus is not an option.

Note: The Stretch, The Yank, The Backwards Pull and The Chinese Finger Trap should be done 10 seconds at a time for 5 minutes a day to achieve best results.

What else could be said? Go forth and do some penis stretching!

Comprehensive Sports Car Insurance For Young Drivers: A Report

Is there such a thing sports car insurance for young drivers?

Comprehensive car insurance usually covers just three things: damage to your own car, damage to other people’s property, and damage or loss caused by theft of your car.  In some countries, car insurance companies give an option to cover damage or loss due to fortuitous events such as floods and other natural calamities.

There is one thing most “comprehensive insurance policies” generally don’t cover, and that is injuries or death to other people in an accident.  The reason for this is because this type of cover is known as the compulsory third party liability insurance.  In most countries, you can get your car registered with only the compulsory third party liability insurance. This is generally issued as a separate policy.

What Determines the Rates?

All insurance companies use two primary considerations when assigning rates to property (non-life) insurance:  value of the property to be insured and the element of risk.  These two considerations are valid whether you are trying to insure a house against fire, or getting car insurance for young drivers.  The following factors are usually considered when assessing risk and assigning rates.

The Age Factor

A sports car insurance for young drivers are often more expensive due to the age factor which is taken into consideration when assessing risk.  Drivers 25 years of age and below are usually assessed the highest rates; those between 26 and 65 are given the lowest rates, which then increases after 65.  The reason given is that young people are not as experienced, and are usually more daring.  Old people on the other hand tend to lose their coordination and get into accidents more often.

The Driver’s Gender

Though there is a perception that men are better drivers than women, statistics show that male drivers get involved in accidents more often.  This is because most men drive more aggressively.

The Type of Car

Sports cars are usually given the higher rates because statistics proved that in general, drivers of sports cars get into accidents more often.  After all, nobody buys a Porsche to drive leisurely around the countryside.

Driving History

You have to watch your driving skills because it affects your insurance rates.  People with driving offenses assess heavier insurance rates, especially those who have been involved in extremely dangerous behavior such as driving under the influence of alcohol, or speeding and beating the red light.  The more driving offenses are in your record, the higher your insurance rate gets.

You also get penalized for being involved in an accident, especially if you happen to be in the wrong.  One other thing to consider is when you have a friend driving your car with your consent and he gets into an accident. This will also cause your insurance rates to go up, unless your friend pays for the repairs and you do not file a claim.

sports car insurance for young drivers

The Value of the Car

This should be obvious – you can’t expect to pay the same low insurance rates you paid for an entry level small car when you insure a luxury sports car.  This time it is not the risk involved but the value of the car to be insured that helps determine the rate.

The Car Insurance Company

Your choice of insurer also determines how much you have to fork out for car insurance.  A bit of research online, and perhaps a few calls will do a lot to help you find the best auto insurance company.

How To Get The Best Value For Money

A comprehensive sports car insurance for young drivers are bound to be costly, but there are many factors you can do to minimize the blow to your finances.  In this case, your age and your gender are beyond your control and having a sports car is given.  But based on the above information, you can take steps that will lower your insurance rates such as:

a) Don’t drink and drive.

b) Watch your speed.

c) If you cannot afford astronomical insurance rates, don’t go for a vehicle with an astronomical price tag.

d) Choose only the insurance coverage you need – people who live in a state often visited by twisters may benefit from a fortuitous events cover, others may not.

And above all, exercise due diligence before choosing a company that will provide your car insurance cover.

Women’s Sport That Require Muscular Strength

There are plenty of sports that require muscular strength. In fact, even the most harmless non-contact sport of chess requires a little bit of muscular strength for a player to move the chess pieces on the board. With all the strength and conditioning that’s required, one would mistakenly think that only men are successful in these sports. But the field is much more open these days and women are now as involved in sport as men.

In this article we are featuring women’s sports that require not only muscular strength but muscular endurance as well. The girls who engage in this sport endure countless hours of resistance training in order to build muscle mass and endurance. The purpose of resistance training is to strengthen the muscles to ensure that they won’t experience failure during competition. Here are some women’s sports that require muscular strength:


Riding a bike for long periods require muscle strength in the legs, buttocks and hips. Cycling, as a sport, requires riders to not only bike for long periods but also climb slopes as well. The muscles are especially tested in unforgiving terrain like mountains and hills. Marianne Vos of the Netherlands is a multi-titled cyclist. Vos dominated cycling at an early age and has already accumulated 3World Road Race Championships at the tender age of 26.



Muscle strength is a prerequisite for women who do competitive weightlifting. This sport requires the whole body’s muscles to be physically sound. Weightlifting needs a combination of muscles to work in order to be successful—from the arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and down to the legs. The sport is all about being able to successfully lift a barbell probably twice your weight over your head. Great Britain’s Zoe Smith is an example of a diminutive but ultra-powerful woman lifter.



A Triathlete not only focuses on one discipline but three—these three sports are running, swimming and biking. We have already discussed above about the muscular strength requirements of biking. And you might think that running and swimming does not require any muscle strength at all. On the contrary, they still require muscle strength and endurance. Muscle power on the legs is required in running and swimming requires strength in the arms and legs. Leanda Cave is an example of a distinguished triathlete, earning the reputation of being the only female to have won both the Ironman and Ironman 70.3.


Mixed Martial Arts

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a fighting competition that employs several fighting styles. MMA fighters are not constrained to a specific fighting style and can adapt different forms of martial arts. They can use different styles for specific situations to gain advantage over their opponents. Most fighters are male but there is a growing interest coming from women. This sport requires muscle strength in order for a fighter to deal vicious blows to her opponent. At the same time, the same muscle strength can be used to parry and block attacks. And a fighter’s strength will be truly tested when she is under a submission hold. This MMA craze among women is in part due to Gina Carano. Gina has enjoyed a successful MMA career and has even transitioned into the movie screen.



Here’s another sport that many people don’t consider as muscularly taxing. But rowing requires a lot of strength from the arms and abs. In rowing, the boats are propelled by moving the oars, making a pushing motion on the water. How fast you row depends on how strong your arms are. Stronger arms usually mean a faster rowing motion. Rowing is an old sport and many women engage in it. Notable women rowers are Helen Glover and Heather Stranning of Great Britain, who won gold in the 2012 Olympics.

It’s not only the men who are dominating sports these days. Women are slowly giving men a run for their money in sports that require muscular strength. It’s not unheard of to think that women might just be competing in the same category as the men. With all the advancement in sports science, the gap between the physical capabilities of men and women will be bridged.

Gift Guide for the man in your life

I think men are harder to buy presents for than women or children, partly because so many ‘manly’ gifts (tools, socks, aftershave etc) are boring and uninspired. As a general rule I want my recipient to know that I’ve considered their tastes and hobbies whenever I give a gift. With that in mind I’ve created this short gift guide full of ideas for that chap you know but can’t think what to gift.

timberland-earthkeeper-chukka-bootFor the outdoors man

For the man who likes to spend time outdoors roaming the countryside or tinkering with the car I don’t think you can go wrong with a really great pair of boots. I think this is the kind of gift which is often appreciated more during use, especially if you can find a stylish yet comfortable pair. I found these Timberland boots online at Cockney Rebel Fashions, they even have a few reduced pairs at the moment.

562978For the Gardener

Tools which lighten the load and make gardening more pleasurable can really be appreciated. I particularly love this Golden Gark Multi Purpose Lightweight Garden Rake from QVC. The ability to lift and scoop makes chores like mowing and leaf raking significantly easier.

51msJxwJjlL._SY450_For the creative man

Give your chap a brand new hobby! I really like this jar and bottle cutter from Supermarket USA on Amazon, it could be used to turn bottles into vases or drinking glasses.

p6351_column_grid_12For the smartphone fan

Smartphones are great until you get a call on a cold day and have to pull your gloves off to get the screen to respond. With these Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves from Firebox your guy can keep his hands toasty warm

p5611_column_grid_12You could even go a step further and nab these whimsical Bluetooth gloves also from Firebox, although the question of whether you might look slightly mad talking to your fingers still remains.