Penis Stretching: 10 Little Things Men Should Know About The THING

penis stretching

Most, if not all, men who walked the planet has dreamt of making their penis bigger and stronger. There are those who have been gifted by genetics with penises that could rule the world. Who would have thought that a little penis stretching could do the trick?

Here are 10 tips and techniques every man should know.

1.       The Stretch

It means exactly what it says. Hold the penis on its head with one hand and stretch it for about 10 seconds. Do so for other directions.

2.      The Hands Are Made For Dicks

Human hands are the best apparatus there are. Learn how to use them and it will surely do wonders. And an extra pair, or two, will surely do wonders for penis enlargement.

3.      The Yank

No, this technique is not exclusive to New Yorkers. Similar to “The Stretch”, hold the man by the tip, pull it away from the body as far as it goes and press on the base—the area where the penis begins.

penis stretching

4.      Maintain the Gain

Ask any body builder and he’ll tell you maintenance and consistency is his secret. The good news about penis enlargement is it does not actually lose the length it gained. But it may grow limp if these practices are stopped. So keep those routines consistent.

5.      The Backwards Pull

This can only be done with a hard junk so wake up the master sergeant first. When he is at attention, grab the skin just below the head and pull it backwards using the thumbs of both hands while all the other fingers go under the shaft for support. Make sure that the grasp on the sergeant’s neck is not too loose or not too tight.

6.      The Chinese Finger Trap

Okay, it’s impossible to actually insert two fingers on either end of the Dick-tator but this technique is similar to NOT get out of the said trap. Hold the penis by the head with one hand and by the base with the other. Now pull.

7.      Evil Kegel

Size is not everything. This exercise so familiar with women can also be done by men. By doing so, the penis would be able to maintain stronger and harder erections. The technique is quite simple, simply contract the muscles in the penis the same way as stopping urine flow. Do about 20-30 reps a day and work it up to as many as possible.

8.      Jelqing Off

By far, this is the only technique that requires some sort of lubrication. Note: saliva will do. The penis should also be semi erect. Simply lubricate the penis, and massage it by sliding the fingers from the base to the tip. Do this with alternating hands. Do this as long as you want or proceed to jerk off.

9.      The 360 Pendulum

Almost the same as The Stretch, do this by stretching the penis and rotating it clockwise for 30 seconds, then back for another 30 seconds. Go around the world 5 times in each direction daily for penis enlargement.

10.   The Wrecking Ball

Not recommended by most but The Wrecking Ball has been effective in male enhancement. Japanese men have attached different things with their dicks and have been successful. Do this at your own risk. And no, attaching a hanging Miley Cyrus is not an option.

Note: The Stretch, The Yank, The Backwards Pull and The Chinese Finger Trap should be done 10 seconds at a time for 5 minutes a day to achieve best results.

What else could be said? Go forth and do some penis stretching!